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Thursday, December 16, 2021

The Slack title bar is nearly undraggable

 Does anyone else remember when we used to be able to drag windows around the screen by their title bar? I remember, those were good days. That was good UI, very sensible, click and drag.

These days look what more and more applications are doing, stuffing things into the title bar that don't belong there. All browsers now do that, it's horrible. Who decided that we don't need to drag browser widows around the screen? Was there a meeting I missed? I still like to do that, I'd like to have those title bars tyvm.

Slack is just as bad look at this. I have to find the tiny unfilled space near the right end, or else click the teensy weensy draggable strip underneath or above the buttons, which show no edges.

We had this UI locked down in the 90s and it was superior: title bar, button bar, content, with Cancel/OK buttons at the bottom. None of the alternatives we've seen since then have been improvements.

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