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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

TEK Cleave keyboard: introduction

 My daily driver is an ErgoDox EZ. I like it so much I bought a second one, and I liked both of those so much that I acquired a third one.

The first keeb I ever bought myself with proper adult money was a FingerWorks TouchStream which, if you know you know.

In between the FingerWorks and the EZ I used, for several years, a Truly Ergonomic Keyboard. There were a few iterations of the first version and I think I had the very first iteration. It was overall a great keyboard which I used with success for quite a while.

During that time period, the international keyboard community came together during the design and release of the open source ErgoDox platform and the comeup of QMK firmware. I watched that and really wanted a Dox for advanced thumb usage, and also for programmability.

These days there are many options for professional keyboards and the Truly Ergonomic company has upgraded and updated their TEK with the new TEK Cleave. They sent me one, I'll review it here over a series of posts.

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