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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Raisins Are Yummy

You probably don't like raisins. You probably think raisins are, meh, kind of gross because most of the raisins you have eaten in your life came in a Red Box, given to you by your parents when you were a child. Those raisins were gross (all agreed) and they were the only ones you ever ate, so you concluded that raisins are gross.

Lo! Gather around and listen because I am here to tell you that *only* Red Box Raisins are gross. Almost all other raisins are delicious! If you are an adult who hasn't eaten raisins since you were a child, then next time you are at the store treat yourself to some good ones. Look for "Jumbo" or "Thompson" raisins, buy the physically largest ones you can find, and try to get them in transparent plastic packaging instead of cardboard boxes.

If you still think they are gross, drop off your extra raisins at my house.

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