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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Windows Error Message

Today I'm wondering, why is it that when Windows tells me that it can't perform an action on a file, because the file is in use by another process, why it doesn't tell me what the process is?

I assume that everything in Windows is by design. I assume that a committee sat down in a conference room in Redmond and talked, probably at length, about exactly what should happen when a file is in use by a process. That committee apparently walked out of that conference room with a design document which specified that the user should be given an error message just barely detailed enough to seem useful, but not at all informative enough to actually help solve the problem.

Heck, I'm just a guy trying to do things. Windows is just a piece of software which seems explicitly designed to stop me from doing things. And that's all well and good, except I can't figure out why my opinion of what an operating system should do is so vastly out of touch with what the people at Microsoft think an operating system should do, or what a large majority of operating-system customers think an operating system should do. Don't the rest of the people in the world want an operating system that helps them get things done? Why does the world choose an operating system that just blocks progress, causes frustration, and makes simple things difficult?

I'll never understand it.

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