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Monday, July 11, 2011

Light Fixtures

Continuing my efforts to replace and improve the light fixtures everywhere in my house, I installed five new light fixtures this week.
  1. Master bedroom
  2. Hallway entry
  3. Hallway end
  4. Guest/2nd Bedroom
  5. Office/3rd Bedroom
Shown in this photograph is the fixture I put in the 'master' bedroom. (It is the 'master' bedroom because it is a paltry twelve inches longer in one dimension compared to the second bedroom. It is also connected to a walk-through bathroom, though.) I chose this fixture because it is basically similar to the other four new fixtures, which are all basically similar to the others in the house, and yet the one fixture also has the extra bit of fanciness in the decorated stem, to help distinguish the 'master' bedroom. Completely by luck, I happened to choose the same finish as the already-installed curtain rods.

These were the last five out of ten total light fixtures on the first floor of the house, all now upgraded. The last fixture to install will be the front porch light.

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