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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Anecdote: Jolicloud Linux Works Better Than Mac OS X

My household has a mishmash of computers and devices, representing all of today's major operating systems: Windows, Mac, Jolicloud Linux for my netbook, and Android Linux for my internet tablet. This situation gives me many opportunities to compare the operating systems, especially Mac and Jolicloud which I use more than the others.

This week I bought a new micro-SD card to work with my new Archos 5 internet tablet. The micro-SD card came with an adapter which turns it into a full-size SD card, and both my Mac and my Jolicloud laptops have SD card readers.

The Mac would not read or in any way recognize the micro-SD card in its adapter; Jolicloud Linux mounted and presented the card in under two seconds.

Modern operating systems are compared primarily on how easily they offer solutions to common problems encountered by computer users. One common problem is buying some new hardware and wanting it to "just work" with their computer. In this instance, I bought new hardware and the new hardware "just worked" right out of the box with Linux, but with Mac it didn't work at all.

This is anecdotal evidence that Linux is easier to use than Mac OS. This is a squishy statement, because "Linux" means so many things. But the way I mean it is that when using a full stack of Linux tools including a modern graphical interface with all the features found in most common distributions, Linux is in fact more ready and easy to use out-of-the-box than even the venerable Macintosh.

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