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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chumby Case Mod

These are pictures of my case mod for my Chumby. I built a triangular prism shape from cardboard and cut holes for the screen and for the USB ports. The speakers are pointed out the ends of the prism. The USB ports and power button stick up out of the top of the case. A battery pack provides a few hours of power when the unit is unplugged, but it typically stays plugged in next to my bed. The main button has been replaced by a push button the face of the unit. The triangular shape points the screen at a nice upward angle, and also allows me to turn the screen down on the surface of my night stand while I sleep, so the light doesn't illuminate my dark room.

The edge of the prism is held by industrial-strength velcro so I can open it and access the wiring easily. This is a preliminary design in preparation for replacing the cardboard with thin wood. The wood will hinge on two edges and velcro or otherwise have a latch on the third edge.

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