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Thursday, January 26, 2023

GMail Search Now Completely Disregards Terms

I'm looking for an old work email. I entered three search terms, each an English language word, and GMail returned results all of which contain none of the search terms. None. The results are 100% disconnected from anything I searched for. I can't even figure out  how the results are related to my terms at all. They're just random, that's it, Google's search products now just return baseless random results.

I've already given up Google search, I now mostly use one of its rivals. I've clung to GMail for a long time and one of the main reasons was the long-lasting archive and searchability. Now, GMail is absolutely unsearchable, so I'm not sure if there's even a reason to keep using it.

Zero of my terms are in this email: automatic, checkpoint, period

Update: I found one of the three search terms in the attachment to the email. Maybe that could make sense, except I didn't search for one term, I searched for three and put them all in quotes. The other terms are not in the email or attachment. Also, using Advanced Search I made sure "Has attachments" was un-selected, to exclude these undesirable results, yet it returned results having attachments. That is an abysmal, useless, incorrect, embarrassingly bad search feature.

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