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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Ordinary Layout for the Ergodox EZ, a familiar and powerful layout

The Ordinary Layout, a familiar and powerful layout

I bought an Ergodox EZ keyboard and it's pretty sweet. With advanced keyboards like this users can reprogram how the keys behave -- what keystrokes are sent when buttons are pressed.

The default layout which the keyboard comes preprogrammed with was, in my opinion, a bit discombobulated. It was hard to understand and many keys were in locations that felt foreign to me. Working on my own layout, I put almost all the keys back in their ordinary positions. I call it The Ordinary Layout and full documentation is included with it over on Github.

1 comment:

  1. Very sane approach and well thought out. That makes transitioning between Ergodox and occasionally a laptop keyboard doable :)
    Also, Kudos for the detailed rationale behind it!
    Could you link to editable versions / source of your layout images? I'd like to make some minor tweaks to the setup, but also document it.

    Thanks a lot