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Sunday, April 22, 2012

George Hrab

I went to the House on the Rock with George Hrab, and I have photographic evidence. Pictured here is my buddy Joe Lynch, myself, Mr. Hrab, and my wife Ashleigh.

I don't believe in heaven
I know there's no hell
I don't think you've gone anywhere
I guess that's just as well
Cause I want to remember
The last look in your eyes
It was the best and worst thing
To get to say goodbye to you

They say we're not supposed to comprehend
But I want to know more
Being there with you at the end
Was a pain I had hoped for

Did you know where you were going
Did you like the time you spent
I wish that you'd stayed longer
But that's not how it went

Now I know there's no forever
But of all the hearts I've met
I think the place we ended up
Was as close as one could get -- did you?

They say we're not supposed to understand
But that doesn't help me
Watching you leave by my own hand
Was the cards that were dealt me
Some will blame the dealer
Some will blame the deal
Some will make up stories
That never could be real
I hope when you left you were glad to be back home
I think that you knew you would never be alone
I've no need for heaven
Or some eternal bluff
I prefer what's real and what we had here was enough

I'm glad I get to miss you but that you can never miss me
Thinking you'll wake up and see us is your eternity
Small comfort
I miss you
I miss you
I lo..

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