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Monday, August 1, 2011

Duct Tape Cover For Asus Transformer Tablet

I am taking my Asus Transformer tablet along on a rugged vacation. I went to Target to buy a cover for it, but the only one they carried which would work was one of those $30 InCase neoprene zipper cases. Those would be okay if they were $5.99, but I laugh at the thought of paying thirty dollars.

They had cool flip-out-style covers, which I liked a lot, but they only had them special-made for the Motorola Xoom and the Iconia Tablet, which Target sells. The Transformer, I learned today as I carefully compared the three tablets, is a little bit wider than either of the others, although all three have precisely the same size screen. The wider body wouldn't fit into either of the other cases, and plus who wants a fit-made cover that is ill-fitting? Not discouraged, I blatantly ripped off their design and made one out of duct tape!

This masterpiece is built from 100% cardboard and duct tape. No duct tape is stuck to the tablet; the duct tape is taped to itself, double-sided, in a permanent, sturdy, uni-body construction. The hinges are reinforced many times. Most of the ports and buttons are accessible, as is the camera that I never use. The flip-cover features dabs of velcro (ahem, hook-and-loop fastener) to keep it slightly snug.

It can be folded all the way around back for holding the tablet in hands, or flipped into setup configuration for setting on a lap or surface. If it sustains any damage, it can be easily repaired with more tape.

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