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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mirror Frame

Recently I found by the side of the road some discarded shipping crates. They weren't normal crates with sides like a box, these were built of one-by-four boards and must have looked something like a cage when put together. I scavenged them all and broke them down into individual boards.

I took the four boards which were the most worn, nicked, knotted or deformed, and made them into a frame for a large mirror behind my basement bar.

The four pieces of wood are held together with mending plates, two per joint, and strong wood glue. The whole thing got several layers of clear glossy finish, all at once in one application. The mirror is held on by seven mirror hooks, and the whole thing, which is quite heavy, hangs on two sturdy purpose-made hooks.

I bought the mending plates and hanging hooks at ReStore for seventy-five cents per package, total three packages, plus tax, is under three bucks total. I already had the glue, the gloss, the mirror, and of course the wood was free. Altogether, it was an inexpensive project and turned out nicely. The frame really makes the mirror, which looked bare before.

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