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Friday, March 24, 2017

Equifax is -- no surprise here -- a fraudulent company

This may shock some people, but Equifax absolutely positively sells products using fraudulent claims. I know, I know, it's hard to believe that a company with such a stellar reputation in a market segment widely respected by most people (ha! sarcasm!) would engage in direct fraud, but here it is:

In order to rent out a property I wanted to screen potential tenants. Phrased strictly, I wanted to screen others when privately leasing property. That is precisely what I needed and I found Equifax Identity Report which is advertised with the words -- here, let me quote them -- "screen others when privately leasing property".

So that was the product I wanted, right? because I wanted to screen others when privately leasing property, right? and that's what the actual words on the website actually say, right?

Before I paid my ten dollars, I paused and said to myself -- out loud! -- "Equifax is a bastard of a company, I bet they are going to screw me on this." Then I re-read that phrase ten times and decided it was unambiguous so this service would certainly do what I needed. I paid the ten dollars.

So was I able to screen others when privately leasing property? No. Equifax is an unethical company which purposely misleads consumers into paying for products they don't need by fraudulently claiming untrue things. Their Identity Report service absolutely, positively does NOT allow you to "screen others when privately leasing property".

It just doesn't do that, not at all, and I know because after clicking around in the website for a while I couldn't find it; so I got on their chat with an agent who told me to go to a different Equifax page and pay another ten dollars for some other thing. Try to imagine why I didn't buy the second thing they tried to sell me.

So that's that, proof positive that Equifax is a fraudulent company. Moreover, I told them about the false advertising claim multiple times and they haven't removed it, meaning they are doing it on purpose with full knowledge. It's not a mistake or an oversight! To make it even more clear I put in a complaint at the CFPB who poked the company about it (to no avail, obviously, because nobody can get credit reporting agencies to act ethically, not even Uncle Sam).

You might be wondering, what is "Identity Report"? What do you get for your ten dollars? What you get is access to your own credit information, the exact same information you get in your annual free Congressionally-mandated report. I didn't see anything in Identity Report that was different than what I'd seen the week before in my free report. So what you get for ten dollars is the same as what you get for free which, let's be honest, is also a form of fraud.

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